Cost from US$9500, 24 day ultimate adventure in three Asian countries

Chiangmai to Beijing and Great Wall

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    24 day All Inclusive guided ride through Western and Central China ending at the foot of the Great Wall of China. 

    An epic Motorcycle tour taking in 3 countries and riding through some of the world’s best scenery ranging from tropical rain forest, towering sub alpine gorges and valleys, high altitude Tibetan plateau to temperate arid semi desert on a 6,500 Kilometer journey through eastern Asia. 

    Traversing several largest rivers in Asia including the Mekong, the Yangtse, the Yarlung and the Yellow river. En route visiting five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, encountering a dozen of ethnic groups and their unique cultures and architectures. 

    Visiting some of most fascinating cities of Asia like Chiangmai, Lijiang, Shangri_la, Xi’an and Beijing. 

    This is no doubt your once in life time ultimate Asian Motorcycle Adventure.

    Day 1 Chiangmai Arrival

    Arrive in Chiangmai  Thailand, met and taken to your cenrally located Hotel. Group Dinner will be arranged.


    Day 2  Chiangmai Maesai

    Ride to Maesai, and visit Golden Triangle.

    (Ride 340KM)


    Day 3  Maesai to Namtha Laos

    Ride cross Thail/Laos border to Laos, overnight in Luangnamtha.
    (Ride 230KM)


    Day 4   Laos to China   

    Arrive at the Lao-China border crossing. Go through Laos departure formalities then China entry formalities. We ride to Mengla county and visit the regional police headquarters to have all our vehicles inspected. We then ride to Jinghong for overnight. 

    (Ride 240KM)


    Day 5   Sub tropical China

    We ride the highway to Shuangjiang, through the nature reserve and tea plantation. We shall arrive in Shuangjiang in timefor dinner. 

    (Ride 400KM)


    Day 6   Southwest China Cultural City

    We ride to Yunnan’s oldest and most historic city, Dali the Bai Kingdom and the Kingdom of Dali were both centered here between the 8th and 12th centuries. In the mid-1800′s there was a major Muslim rebellion that shook the entire region all the way down to Thailand. Repercussions of this conflict were felt way into the early 1900′s. More than a million people were killed in Yunnan Province alone. This historic walled city is well preserved. We lodge in the Old Quarter tonight. It is a short ride tomorrow and a late departure gives you ample time to wander around Dali’s streets and explore this atmospheric town. 

    (Ride 280KM 


    Day 7  UNESCO World Heritage site.

    We ride to Lijiang, arrive early afternoon so we have ample time to Lijiang’s charming Old Town is a maze of cobbled streets, canals, and stone bridges that date from the Ming Dynasty. You are free to explore this ancient city at your leisure. Lijiang is a ‘shop till you drop’ type place and all sorts of interesting items are for sale.

    (Ride 160KM


    Day 8  Yangtse River to Tibet Plateau

    Leave for Tiger Leaping Gorge of Yangtse River, the highlight of a motorcycle riding. We then climb up higher to to Shangri_la. Shangri_la was renamed after James Hilton’s Novel “ the lost horizon”. The old town is just walking distance to our hotel, so we will have a nice evening walk in the old town. 

    (Ride 275KM)


    Day 9  Tibet Plateau Eastern Tibet - Kham

    Ride to Daocheng, entering Sichuan Province, eastern Tibet, Kham region. Follow Dinchu river to Xiangcheng. We travel through a gorge formed by tributary of Yangtse and climb out of the valley to a Hendun mountain range. Overnight in a Tibet frontier town but the hotel is quite good. 

    (Ride 300KM)


    Day 10  High passes to Yarlung River

    Today we climb Haizi Mounatin to Litang at 4160m. The area is full of huge rocks that were brought by the glaciers. Extremely beautiful grassland dotted with nomad’s black tents. We fuel up our tanks and then ride over a 4600m pass and drop to to Yajiang town by the Yarlung River

    (Ride 280KM)


    Day 11  Tibetan Village Stay

    Travel through the Yarlung river we take a very scenic road lined up with nice Tibetan houses and pastures. We ride over Yala pass to Danba County. The heart of Kham region, we spend a night in a Tibetan home stay over looking Dajin River.

    (Ride 288KM


    Day 12  Rest Day

    A rest day is scheduled to visit Danba Towers, Tibetan villages. Our local guide from the village will show us around the attractions, visit tibetan homes. And you get to try some of the local specialties at dinner time.


    Day 13  Alpine Pasture and Nomads 

    Enroute visit the Danba towers, Ride to Hongyuan, Tibet plateau and grassland, you will hardly met any traffic as we ride on the plateau, meeting nomads and their cattle, a wild west of China. 

    (Ride 310KM)


    Day 14  Labrang Monastery Amdo Tibet

    Passing nomads and cattle’s on grassland, we will stop at Langmusi and visit this beautiful monastery and Ride to Labrang Monastery, Labrang is an amazing town inhabited by Tibetans, Han Chinese, and Hui Muslims. Streets are full of shops selling sheep skin, Buddhists’ prayers, farming facilities and plenty of restaurants.

    (Ride 380KM


    Day 15  Labrang Rest Day

    Labrang Monasteryis the largest monastery in the traditional Tibetan region of Amdo. Established in 1709, Labrang housed over 4000 monks at its peak, but now only has around 1500 monks with another couple of hundred lay students. Located in the Gansu Part of Amdo, Labrang is considered the cultural heart of Amdo Tibetan culture along with nearby town of Rebkong. We will spend a day to explore this fascinating place.


    Day 16  Central China 

    Ride north to Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu Prefecture. We then turn east towards Tianshui, an city on the silk road of China. We will notice the change of weather, architectures and landscape.

    (Ride 430KM


    Day 17   Xi'an

    Long but easy day ride to Xi'an, The starting point of the silk road, chinas ancient capital for several dynasties. Xian is such a great city to be visited.

    (Ride 450KM


    Day 18  Xi'an Rest Day 

    We will visit in ancient city-Xi'an. Xi'an has been the capital of China in over 10 dynasties, and you can see history everywhere in Xi'an. A guide day trip included to visit to the world famous Terra Cotta Warriors, the hundred years old city wall, drum tower, bell tower, and the Chinese History museum (one of the best 3 in China) etc.


    Day 19 Traditional central China

    We ride
    to the ancient city of central China, Pingyao. The walled city of pingyao reflected what old China city should look like. Nice houses with courtyards built by wealthy bankers and merchants. The life style and stories were well pictured in a Chinese movie called “ Raise the Red Lanterns” We stay in one of courtyarded house and walk around the city for dinner. 

    (Ride 510KM 


    Day 20 Northern China Inner Mongolia

    We ride north to Datong city, to visit its world famous Yungang Grottoesone of Chinas four famous beautiful grottoes. Datong is an frontier city linked a the ancient great wall to defend the Mongolian invasion. 

    (Ride 385KM)

    Day 21  The Great Wall

    We ride north to the Great Wall! We will stay a night at the foot of the great wall, we shall celebrate our grand journey through three countries to the Great Wall. A small party shall be arranged in the hotel. 

    (Ride 275KM)


    Day 22  Great Wall to Beijing

    the Great Wall in the morning, you may take a cable car lift, or hike up to the watch towers. Afternoon group transfer to Beijing. We will say goodbye to the bikes and your local guide.


    Day 23  Beijing 

    Guided v
    isit to the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, or the summer palace... Overnight in Beijing. 


    Day 24  Beijing Onward

    Free on your own till check out time. You may extend your stay in Beijing and visit the capital city.

    May 08(Sunday)-May 31(Tuesday),2022

    May 07(Sunday)-May 30(Tuesday),2023

    Tour Prices in USD

    Kawasaki 650:$9500/person 6+ riders


    BMW F800GS:  $10600/person 6+ riders


    3 - 5 riders add $2500/person


    2 - 2 riders add $4000/person


    Singleroom Supplement: $1250/person

    Pillion Rider & Passenger: $4500/person


    --23 overnights quality hotels

    --All meals except for rest days

    --Motorcycle rental

    --Fuel during the whole tour

    --Third party liability insurance

    --Tour guide on a motorcycle

    --Support van ( 6+ participants)

    --Entrance fee to national parks and historical sites

    --All licenses and permits in Laos and China

    --Police escort in Laos according to legal requirement

    --Tour information package including riding and safety tips, details about the hotels, the route and the sights


    --All services not mentioned as included

    --Bottled drinks

    --All personal expenses

    --On the rest days, no lunch or dinner included

    --Visa to Laos (USD 30-35 two times)

    --Visa to China (USD 60 – 240)

    This was our most favorite trip in whole Asia,You gotta ride through a part of Thailand and Laos before venturing into China. There are just so much to see on this trip, stunning landscapes, excellent guide and delicious food. And you could ride a motorcycle to the Great Wall of China !

    Mark & Kent  Newzealand


    Fabulous journey in three countries of Asia ! We totally enjoyed the adventure, the supporting crew and tour leaders were fantastic. We will not hesitate to  come back again to ride of China in near future.

    Ian & Jean and friends from Australia


    “”Es un viaje maravilloso, nuestro guía Jah es un buen ciclista y se aseguró de que tuviéramos un viaje seguro. Todos los hoteles estaban limpios y eran cómodos. El viaje transcurrió a buen ritmo y teníamos suficientes días de descanso para visitar algunos de los lugares más famosos. Calificaré este viaje como un viaje de cinco estrellas.”

    Francisco - Grand Canaria


    "It has been a long time we dreamed to visit China. We had this opportunity to join a trip to China that was co organized by RideChina and Asian Motorcycle Adventures. Both the road captain and local ride did a good job to provide a safe and enjoyable journey. This was not an easy ride because China is massive and we had travelled through some very remote places, there are too many things to see in China. We were very happy for what we have done and thanks to the team for such a great trip in China. We look forward to doing another trip in Tibet with the same company again." 

    Oscar & Magarita - Columbia


Maximum 10 bikes




24 day, 16 riding days, 6 sightseeing days


Advanced Level, challenging roads, hair pin curves and switchbacks, high altitude (2000 - 4000 m) in remote areas,5 -8 hours riding per day with short gravel and unpaved sections. Total distance 6500 KM. Daily rides 220 - 580 Km. Mostly on asphalt roads, highest pass at 4500m, highest overnight at 3300m.


Chiangmai Thailand - Burma Border - Maesai - Luang Namtha Laos - Jing Jong China - Lijiang - Shangri_la - Litang - Danba - Labrang - Xi'an - Datong - Beijing


Hotels and guesthouses

✥Chiangmai old city
✥Golden Triangle
✥Myanmar Border Town
✥Sample tea at tea plantation
✥Stay in Lijiang world heritage town
✥Third deepest gorge in the world
✥Visit Tibetan Monasteries, nomads
✥Ride over 4500m passes
✥Home stay in a Tibetan village
✥Visit the largest Buddhism School
✥Traversing some of the largest rivers in Asia
✥Transit five temperature zones
✥Visit 5 unesco World Heritage Sites
✥Visit grottoes date back to 2k years
✥Hike the Great Wall
✥Excellent Chinese Cuisines
✥Visit Forbidden City


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