How to ride motorcycles to China

How to drive your own motor vehicles to China ? 

You may ride your motorcycles or drive your motor vehicles in and out of China. 

Popular border crossings to China: 

*Laos (Boten) to China (Mohan) 

*Nepal to Tibet (Giyrong) 


*Mongolia - China (Erenhot) 

Steps to go if you plan to drive or ride to China 

1. Start dreaming and share your dreams with RideChina 

2. Contact us for FREE route planning ( As early as possible ) 

3. Confirm your trip and send us your document of vehicles and drivers (deposit needed) 

4. We send you the invitation letter and other supporting document for your visa application 

5. We start the process of permit application and book your tour 

6. Reconfirm the date and time to meet when entry date approaches. 

7. Your guide will meet you at the designated border 

8. Clear customs, do vehicle inspection and get your Chinese licenses 

9. Travel with your guide across China to your exit border

10. Clear customs and departure for your onward adventure

Important Notice: 

It takes 60 working days to prepare all the permits, temporary plates and driving licenses. Please start your trip planning as early as possible. All self driving tour groups MUST be accompanied by our guides on the whole trip in China. We can either send you a riding guide on his own motorcycle, or a guide who drives a support vehicle. Depends on the value of your vehicles, Chinese Customs will require a sum of money as guaranty. We will take care of the deposits if you join our expeditions. 

Feel free to speak to Jah to make your dream come true ! 

WhatsApp: +86 131 8783 7899 

Wechat: jah6969 



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