Yunnan is definitely the paradise of motorcycling in China, one of the most ethnically fascinating and scenically stunning provinces in all of China. Home to 25 of China's minority groups and over half of all China's plant and animal species.

  • Cost from US$2850, 13 day tour around Yunnan

    Yunnan Explorer - Best of China

    ✥Visit lesser Tian'an Men Square
    ✥Traditional Chinese gardens
    ✥Ride World's largest terraced fields
    ✥Visit hill tribes on minority markets
    ✥Tea break at tea plantation
    ✥Boutiques and coffee shops Dali
    ✥Stay in Lijiang world heritage town
    ✥Third deepest gorge in the world
    ✥Visit Tibetan Monasteries
    ✥4290m pass to Himalayan foothills
    ✥Highest unclimbed Kawakarpo 6740m
    ✥Ancient tea horse caravan town
    ✥Crossing the Mekong and Yangtse
  • Cost from US$2400, 11 day adventure through the Three Parallel Rivers World Heritage Area

    Great Rivers of Asia - Salween Mekong Yangtse

    ✥Visit cultural crossroads Dali
    ✥Ride across Mekong Salween Yangtse
    ✥3900m Biluoxue Mountain Pass
    ✥Highest unclimbed mountain Kawakarpo 6740m
    ✥4290m White Horse Pass
    ✥Lesser Potala Tibetan Monastery
    ✥Third Deepest Gorge
    ✥800 year old Stone Village
    ✥Lijiang world heritage old city
    ✥Great Rivers National Park of China
    ✥Excellent Yunnan Cuisines
  • Cost from US$1280, 6 days adventure in remote Yangtse Valley with great mountain vistas.

    Stone Village to Tiger Leaping Gorge

    ✥Lijiang world heritage site
    ✥Matriarchy society Lugu Lake
    ✥Yangtze River Valley
    ✥Naxi and Yi Villages
    ✥World’s third deepest Gorge
    ✥Jade Dragon Mountain
    ✥Haba Snow Mountain
    ✥Stone Village on the cliff
    ✥Great mountainscapes


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