Trans-China Tours are offered for riders who wish to ride their own motorcycles to China. You will be riding your own motorcycles on those trips, we will arrange all necessary paper works and customs clearances. Tours start at a Chinese border and finish at another. You will be met by our guides at the border and be accompanied the whole tour.

  • Cost from US$9500, 24 day ultimate adventure in three Asian countries

    Chiangmai to Beijing and Great Wall

    ✥Chiangmai old city
    ✥Golden Triangle
    ✥Myanmar Border Town
    ✥Sample tea at tea plantation
    ✥Stay in Lijiang world heritage town
    ✥Third deepest gorge in the world
    ✥Visit Tibetan Monasteries, nomads
    ✥Ride over 4500m passes
    ✥Home stay in a Tibetan village
    ✥Visit the largest Buddhism School
    ✥Traversing some of the largest rivers in Asia
    ✥Transit five temperature zones
    ✥Visit 5 unesco World Heritage Sites
    ✥Visit grottoes date back to 2k years
    ✥Hike the Great Wall
    ✥Excellent Chinese Cuisines
    ✥Visit Forbidden City
  • Cost from US$13800, 40 days - 60 days

    Istanbul to Beijing, Trans Eurasia Expedition

    ✥Visit Istanbul, the bridge that links Europe and Asia
    ✥Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia
    ✥Underground city of Greme
    ✥The historic country of Caucasus Mountain
    ✥Visit Tbilisi of a Gothic fairy tale
    ✥Welcomed by warm Georgian hospitality
    ✥Walk on cobblestoned streets dotted by turrets
    ✥Enjoy traditional restaurants with great Georgian wines
    ✥Azerbaijan,the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Central Asia
    ✥Check out Baku of tumultuous past, from its roots as a Silk Road port city
    ✥Walk old city with a maze of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites
    ✥Ferry across the Caspian Sea
    ✥Turkmenistan by far the most mysterious and unexplored
    ✥Camp next to“Gateway to Hell” in Darvaza Desert
    ✥Visit many historical world heritage sites in Uzbekistan
    ✥Ride the Pamir highway through Wakhan Corridor
    ✥View Kyrgyzstan's unspoilt mountainscapes
    ✥Rest days in Kashgar, the great oasis that links China and the west
    ✥Ride by the side of Taklimankan Desert
    ✥Traverse the Karakorum mountain
    ✥Ride the entire length of the Himalaya
    ✥Homage to Mt. Kailash
    ✥Wake up at Mt. Everest basecamp
    ✥Rest days in the holy city of Tibetans
    ✥Ride the least travelled eastern Tibet to ShangriLa
    ✥Traverse the great river trenches of Asia
    ✥Ride through the third deepest gorge in the world
    ✥Relax in the world heritage site of Lijiang
    ✥Chance to see the Giant Pandas
    ✥Set you feet on the city wall of Xi'an
    ✥Visit Terra Cotta Armies 
    ✥Hike on the Great Wall of China
  • Drive your RVs, Campervans and Motorcycles to China

    Drive to China

    ✥Visit Holy city Lhasa
    ✥Encounter Tibetan Nomads
    ✥Ride over Tibetan Himalayas
    ✥Lijiang world heritage site
    ✥Traditional Chinese gardens
    ✥Ride through World's largest terraced fields
    ✥Visit hill tribes on minority markets
    ✥River across Mekong Salween Yangtse
    ✥Highest unclimbed mountain Kawakarpo 6740m 
    ✥Hiking on 3000m glaciers
    ✥Great Rivers National Park of China
    ✥Home stay in a Tibetan village
    ✥Traversing some of the largest rivers in Asia
    ✥Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites
    ✥Hike the Great Wall
  • Cost from US$880, 11 days exploring Southwest China

    Singapore to Shangri_la

    ✥Chiangmai old city
    ✥Northern Thailand
    ✥Myanmar Border Town
    ✥Visit lesser Tian'an Men Square
    ✥Traditional Chinese gardens
    ✥Ride through World's largest terraced fields
    ✥Visit hill tribes on minority markets
    ✥Tea plantation and traverse the Mekong
    ✥Relaxed ambiance of boutiques and coffee shops
    ✥Stay in Lijiang world heritage town
    ✥third deepest gorge in the world
    ✥Visit Tibetan Monasteries and Tibetan nomads
    ✥Ride over 4290m pass
    ✥Immerse in Shaxi tea horse caravan town
    ✥Luangprabang world heritage
    ✥Southeast Asian Cuisines
  • Travel the entire Himalayan Mountain and Mt. Everest B.C.

    Kirghistan to Nepal through Tibet

    ✥Fabled oasis kashgar
    ✥Taklimakan Second largest flowing desert
    ✥Karakorum range
    ✥Himalayan range
    ✥Gugu Ancient Ruis and Castle
    ✥Mt. Kailash
    ✥Mt. Everest Base Camp


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