Trans-China Tours are offered for riders who wish to ride their own motorcycles to China. You will be riding your own motorcycles on those trips, we will arrange all necessary paper works and customs clearances. Tours start at a Chinese border and finish at another. You will be met by our guides at the border and be accompanied the whole tour.

  • Start 15 July Europe - Finish 15 September Beijing

    Europe to Beijing 2020

    Follow Marco Polos great adventure on the Silk Road. From the southern ethnic region to heart of the Han Chinese homeland, you travel west, meeting numerous ethnic groups such as Tibetans and the Turkic-speaking Uyghurs of Central Asia, en route to the remote oasis city of Kashgar on your own motorcycles.The Silk Road originally …

  • Sept. 4 - Sept 24, 2020

    Chiangmai to Beijing and Great Wall

    Chiang Rai Thailand to Beijing and the Great Wall20 Day tour fully guided and all inclusive ride through Central and Western China ending with a visit to the Great Wall of China.An epic Motorcycle tour taking in 3 countries and riding through some of the worlds best scenery ranging from tropical rain forest, towering sub alpine g…

  • Traversing the Eurasia Continent by Motorcycles

    China to Europe Motorcycle Expedition

    A journey of a life time. Join us on this 60 day motorcycle expedition from the east to the west. Ride across Eurasia, the largest landmass on Earth, a region has the most ancient history, most diverse landscapes and cultures. Our expedition starts from tropical southeast Asia, Travelling north to China and we can visit UNESCO w…

  • Best months: February to June, September to November

    Ride your own bikes to Shangri_la & Tibet border lands

    Explore Southwest China, search for mysterious Shangri_la on the lost horizon Riding through this charming southern province will expose you to a fascinating history, breathtaking scenery, ancient architecture and diverse cultures. The old houses and cobbled streets will be accented by the colorful attire of ethnic tribes. The sc…

  • Aug. 1-25, Eastern Tibet to Silk Road

    Laos-Kirgizstan on your own bikes

    Travel from tropical southeast Asia to subtropical Southern China to the ancient cities of Dali and Lijiang, following the path of this incredible route of the caravan trades of tea to Shangri_la, the gateway to Tibet and Kham ibetan region. The ride through the third deepest Gorge, Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the best rides in…

  • May 13 -- 28 , 2020 16 days


    Embark on a journey through two of Asias most fascinating countries. From Laos to Mongolia through China...From Sub tropical China to the home of the Giant Pandas, to the hustle and bustle of Xian, Witness the best of contemporary and classical China and stoic Terracotta Warriors and always-inspiring Great Wall of China, witness …

  • Travel the entire Himalayan Mountain and Mt. Everest B.C.

    2019 Kirghistan to Nepal through Tibet July 15 - 27, confirmed to go

    This is one of the greatest Himalayas adventures. In three weeks you will travel almost the entire length of the Himalayas and Karakorum mountain ranges. On this route, there will be enough time for browsing in the bazaar of Kashgar, visiting some of the oldest monasteries in Tibet, and enjoying the magnificent view of West Tibet…

  • Through China to Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar

    Mongolia to SE Asia on your own bikes

    Embark on a journey through two of North Asias most fascinating countries. From Ulaanbaators laid-back modern vibes to the hustle and bustle of Xian, these ancient Asian kingdoms are full of contrasts and surprises. Travel across the countryside of Mongolia, a land of rich natural beauty, fascinating nomadic cultures and evolving…


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