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Ride China is a specialized motorcycle tour company, dedicated to provide motorcycle tours and motorcycle rentals. Ride China offers unique motorcycle tours to China's most intriguing destinations. We are the specialist and also the longest standing  adventure tour operator in China for adventure travelers who want to travel with their own or rented vehicles through China. With the rich experience we have built up over the past 15 years, We bring you a safe, affordable and unforgettable riding experience to China.


Day Tour (off road)


Adventure to Daughters' Kingdom


Ride the Chinese Silk Road

dirt bikes & gears included, Every Saturday

June. 1, 2014, 8 days, 5 riding days

30 days, Laos-China-Kashgar-Kirghizstan


Laos to Nepal via Tibet


 Mongolia to Vietnam via Xi'an



23 days, Laos-China-Dali-Lhasa-Everest

18 days, Ulaanbaatar-China-Xi'an-Hanoi

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